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I use no physically aversive methods when working with you and your dog. Physically aversive training tools such as prong/pinch collars, choke chains or electric collars generally do not produce reliable changes in the behaviour of a dog and may easily damage your relationship with your dog and its relationship with other people or dogs. Training methods such as rattle cans and spray bottles, although not physically harming your dog, can also interfere with your dog’s wellbeing and your relationship with him.

I only promote training methods which are motivational, reliable, of long term benefit to the dog and its owner and work to build a mutually respectful relationship. These methods are tried and tested by me and used routinely by other world renowned dog trainers and I have found them to work effectively in the circumstances outlined above including many difficult aggression cases.

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Within 5 minutes of my first session with John, he provided me with so much confidence and encouragement that I felt I could achieve anything with my dog. After receiving so many confusing and negative comments from ‘self proclaimed experts’ after which my confidence and energy levels were low, John quickly made me realise that actually I was doing pretty well and brought the best out in me, and as a result I could bring the best out in my dog. I came away with confidence and a big smile on my face, knowing that if I had any questions at all John was only a phone call away and willing to spend the time talking me through things to get us back on track.

John doesn’t focus on what inadvertent training mistakes may have been made in the past, but gives immediate confidence and reassurance and shows what is possible in the future. He has the ability to instil amazing confidence in the owner which immediately transfers to the dog.

Alison Smith and Breagha the Labrador

This was the best hour I have spent with our pup!  We just don’t want to get it wrong with a dog that has so much potential and within five minutes, I saw how to apply very basic principles of gentle fun based reward systems that I witnessed the dog respond to.

I want her to be safe in the environments I want to take her to. For us, that will be a day on the hill, which if I can’t be sure of her recall, will be the end of us both.  I learned the principles in an hour, saw them work and now we just have to practice.  The very best thing is that it was fun for both of us.  At the end of the session, for the first time ever, Elsie lay down with us, just hanging out.  Because it just might be more fun……..

I don’t play the lottery myself, but I really want my pup to!

Really liked the website, lots of useful info and of course, love that Elsie features!

Helen And Elsie the Jack Russell Terrier

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When my one-year old gundog started exhibiting nervous and reactive behaviour, particularly barking at young children, I was concerned and upset. I’d taken her regularly to dog obedience classes and she had acquired a good level of basic obedience but I hadn’t anticipated the difficulties of dealing with issues relating to the basic emotional state of my dog. She had always been highly strung but her barking was getting worse (in situations where she was excited or when she was nervous at being approached by strangers or some other dogs) and she was beginning to be nervous, in particular, in the presence of young children, particularly when they were noisy or running about and making sudden movements. I sought help from John McGuigan, Glasgow Dog Training and Behaviour Consultant, on the recommendation of a friend and I am so grateful to John for his sound advice and guidance in helping me and my dog to work together to build her confidence and remain calm when confronted by potentially ‘spooky’ incidents.

John uses only reward-based methods for a simple, kind and effective training to enable you to work towards a constructive and happy partnership with your dog. He has provided me with some effective training and management methods that my dog and I can work with and I’m delighted with the progress that we are already making after just three training sessions with John. The best thing is that I feel a lot more confident that I can handle a situation where my dog may get spooked or reacts/goes into a barking frenzy and that I am able to call my dog away, get her re-focused and keep her safe. I appreciate that my dog will always be highly strung and that her training will always be a ‘work-in-progress’ but it’s reassuring to know that I can always get further guidance from John and that I now have some effective training methods to help to make her (and me!) more confident and less stressed.

John’s website is also really helpful, with an informative blog and training videos.

Gill Watt and Ellie the Vizsla