Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

Online Courses

Over the pandemic period we have had to adapt like many other businesses. During that period, we created three online courses which have proven very successful and effective. This has allowed us to reach more clients and help more dogs and is a great option for you.

The courses can be purchased for you to work on the exercises and lessons on their own or to compliment our one to one lessons. You will get benefit from either option.

We are so confident in the lessons that we are offering a money back guarantee if you don't see positive changes in your dog's problem behaviour within 12 weeks.

*To qualify for the guarantee, you must provide video evidence of you routinely working with your dog on the problem behaviour according to the information in the lessons.

  • The advice and dedication from this awesome trainer not only touches the lives of dogs in Scotland but the world over. From his films and to his open, willingness to help all dog owners in a manner which shows how kind he is, not only to dogs, but the the humans as well. I can’t recommend John more.
    Josephine Ann Darcy
  • I wish John was closer to Poland! He is one of the best trainer I have met. He has a scientific knowledge which he can apply in practice. He is also a wonderful colleague any trainer can turn to for help! I would recommend him to anyone!
    Agnieszka Janarek
  • Had one visit from John so far, his clear explanations to the theory behind the training methods has made it easier for me to change my approach to my dog for the better. Noticing an improvement in behaviour after only 48 hours.
    Tom Johnson
  • I hosted John for a seminar here in Vancouver and he very kindly offered to work with me and my dog while he was here. I found him to be kind, compassionate, empathetic, non judgemental and very good at reading dogs and people. He works well with both ends of the leash and I highly recommend him if you need any help at all with your dog.
    Erin Moore