Are you having training or behaviour problems with your dog? Get in touch, we can help.

Get in touch, we can help.

  • We deal with all issues and all ages of dogs from puppies, through adolescence and adult dogs, whether you have just adopted your dog or had them for a long time, we can help.
  • We work with you in your home or local area and cover -
  • Aggression and reactivity - is your dog aggressive or reactive to other dogs or people? - Separation anxiety - is your dog destructive or vocal when you leave the house?
  • Recall - do you have difficulty getting your dog back when off lead? Does your dog run off towards people and dogs? - Pulling on the lead.
  • Puppy mouthing and biting. - Destructive behaviours.
  • Jumping up on visitors or people outdoors. - Nuisance barking including when people come to the door.
  • Hyper behaviours - does your dog find it difficult to settle in the house or elsewhere? - Fearful and anxious behaviours.
  • if you so, we can help you resolve all of the above with flexible appointment times to suit everyone
  • With over 15 years experience we have helped thousands of people and their dogs resolve problem behaviours. We have travelled the world, presenting in Australia, Canada, The USA, UK and Europe.
  • Qualified and educated dog behaviour and training specialists who can change you and your dog's lives.

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